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pressed the silver bar on the door and it squeaked open. Berie took the lead, stepping forward and pointing his M4 ahead. The other cops fanned out around him, each pointing a rifle or pistol in a different direction. The SWAT guys hated stairwells, a confined, spiraling space that offered little cover. Some cops called them “fatal funnels.” Ascending into the unknown, they’d have a hard time seeing threats above, and if shots hammered down, there was nowhere to hide. , 31, majored in economic crime at a community college in New York, then worked at a Walmart distribution center before joining DPD in 2008.

  • Each scenario is pretty tight and overrun with various enemies when you first start out, although they won’t attack you until you open fire against them.
  • 3d swat sniper shooter games target an extremely interesting and attractive on the Google SWAT Shooter Killer Play store now.
  • In his address to the troops, Pence stated “When I arrived last night, I stopped and paid my respects at the Fort Hood Nov. 5 Memorial.
  • He led the memorial at the Fort Hood Army post in November 2009, trying to help a shaken nation cope with a mass shooting there that left 13 people dead and 29 wounded.
  • On the battlefield, you have to hunt the assassins, evil forces, and zombies.
  • Crossbows are mostly used for target shooting in modern archery.

He took a knee, then lay prone on his belly, rifle still pointed, his finger on the trigger. He seemed to be staring at the robot, puzzling over what he was looking at. As it crept closer to him, he appeared to look beyond it, as if waiting for SWAT to charge in. The machine rolled to the end of the hallway, then slowly swept around the corner. It glided past Gordon’s empty chair, moving closer to the gunman. It crossed the final doorway, entering the gunman’s hallway.


Your goal in this 3D game is to save your girlfriend who was kidnapped and is currently in the clutches of the enemy. There’s 45 action-packed levels, 100 achievements, and a ton of awesome weapons like quadzookas and miniguns. This is a great way to practice and hone your skills for online tournaments or 1-v-1 challenges later with Facebook friends or other players from around the globe. This is a really fun game and definitely less hard-core than the last. It’s cartoon-like graphics add to that, as well as the epic storyline. There’s both offline and online stories to play by, and your options are really endless.

Huante stories were legendary; he’d once single-handedly flipped over a refrigerator on a suspect who had knives taped to his hands. A couple of officers walked through the college library down the hall, studying the building’s beams, walls and doors. Could they use explosives to drop the ceiling on him? They shook their heads, deciding the idea was crazy. It would take a giant bomb to collapse this building of concrete and steel. Another idea was to get a better read on where the suspect was and shoot him through the wall again — possibly with a powerful .50-caliber rifle.

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Before heading out to fight the enemies, it is important to consider the weapon you are going to use. For beginners, it’s ideal to pick a gun that is relatively easy to use. However, if you’re already a veteran in the game, you can go ahead and pick a more advanced firearm. As long as you’re comfortable using it, you’re sure to be the fighter in SWAT Shooter Killer.

With 50% let off, the narrow X1 can be cocked effortlessly by rope cocker, but also includes a Compact Silent Crank. The Accutac Barrel provides additional guidance and support to the crossbow bolt for unmatched broadhead accuracy at high speeds. The enclosed design also protects the bolt and broadhead making it the safest crossbow to date.