About the complex

It is a medical complex that was inaugurated in April of 2012 after obtaining the license of the Ministry of Health as a health facility, and the complex provides an integrated set of medical, therapeutic and cosmetic services, and the High Care Medical Complex is one of the advanced medical complexes in the region through which we seek to provide high-quality medical services in Various medical specialties, and it currently includes a number of departments and clinics, namely: General and Emergency Medicine Clinic, Dental Clinics, Dermatology and Cosmetic Clinics, Gynecology and Obstetrics Clinics, Internal Medicine Clinic, Orthopedic Clinic, Pediatric Clinic, Otolaryngology Clinic, Eye Clinic, Urology Clinic, Laboratory department, radiology department, an integrated dental laboratory equipped with the latest state-of-the-art dental technology (curative and aesthetic) of devices and equipment.

The complex is also constantly expanding in medical and therapeutic services and keeping abreast of all that is new in medical services.

The High Care Medical Complex features integrated departments and clinics for women in order to preserve privacy and preserve Sharia controls.

Our Mission

Providing the highest level of specialized health care and our strong commitment to providing proactive, distinguished and high-quality medical services in the private health sector aimed at achieving individual health and improving the level of health services in society.

And assisting the crew working in the complex to develop its skills and create a spirit of creativity and cooperation in it.

Our vision

Looking forward to achieving excellence and innovation in the field of providing medical services at a global level, and emphasizing the success of our medical complex in building strong, strong and positive relationships with the local community in its governmental and private sectors.

Our goals

Achieving leadership in providing health services under a simple slogan (integrated medical solutions).
Satisfy clients with excellent care and outstanding service.
Quality (which is the hallmark of our clinics in all areas of work).
Team work and rise to the highest standards in service quality.

rate us

Focus on patient care: putting patients’ needs first.
Integrity: Adherence to ethical principles, honesty, transparency and fairness to gain confidence, and to maintain religious teachings, customs and traditions.
Quality: the pursuit of excellence and high quality through creativity and innovation
Treatment: Treating patients, companions, and team members with respect and appreciation
Cooperation: Working together to ensure the exchange of knowledge and wisdom for the benefit of all, and to promote teamwork.
We hope that the high-end medical complex will be the ideal choice for all members of society.

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